Disney On Ice

This past Friday night I got the chance to take my three boys (ages 3, 5 and 7) to a Disney On Ice show in Toronto and I’m pretty sure (actually positive) I was more excited than they were. We didn’t tell them where we were going until we got to Toronto (they thought they were going to piano lessons like most Friday nights and didn’t even question the long drive!) and even when we told them they weren’t really sure what to expect. I hadn’t been to the Scotiabank Arena before but finding it was easy and there were several parking options close by. Parking is NOT cheap – we did underground with a flat rate of $35 and then of course there was another lot a few feet closer that was $30 but they were all about the same.

Little tip for going with young kids who like to snack every 2 minutes – bring a few snacks of your own. I had granola bars, fruit sticks and cookies in my bag and although I wasn’t sure if they would take it out when my bags were searched, security didn’t care about the snacks at all. I did forget our water bottles in the car so bought a Vitamin Water for the kids to share ($7.75 for ONE bottle) and a bag of popcorn because that’s just a necessity (even at $8!). The extra snacks I brought definitely came in handy.

Star of the show for me – Tinkerbelle!

There are no boosters for the smaller kids for their seats so my youngest did spend most of the show on my lap so he could see better over the taller people in front of him but the seats we had were really good. We were in section 121, row 10 and we could see everything easily – the older 2 kids had no issues at all. And even though it’s a late show for them (started at 7pm and that’s normally when they are heading to bed), it was entertaining enough that they were kept interested the whole time. I did notice some parents with kids that were probably 2 and under were having a hard time keeping their focus on the show.

Disney knows how to keep everyone – young and old – entertained and this show was no exception. I was singing along to all the Disney classics and the kids were totally in awe of the pyrotechnics, bubbles and even the snow that Elsa made come out of the ceiling! The dragon from Sleeping Beauty was hands down the favourite part of the show for my boys. I loved the Beauty and the Beast parts and the one part of The Little Mermaid that I got to see – we had to rush out for a bathroom break and missed 2 songs of course (aren’t kids the best?!). Oh and Moana was amazing too – those songs are my favourite! The boys also loved Aladin which was the opening number and they made me put it on Disney+ today at home too!

It was a 2 hour show with an intermission (we of course had to go to the bathroom 5 minutes BEFORE the intermission because kids!) which was the perfect length to keep the boys interested. About 10 minutes before the end they started to fade because it was way past their bedtime but there was still enough excitement in the show to keep them from whining and wanting to leave.

The final number with all the characters was beautiful!

Getting out of the Arena was hectic of course – one parent with 3 kids to keep together was slightly stressful – but it cleared out pretty quickly and it was easy to get to where we parked within walking distance. The boys and I had an amazing night out and I’m so glad we went to experience Disney On Ice!

We booked through Life With A Baby – if you’re not a member yet, be sure to join, it’s FREE! And there are often family friendly events like this listed with discount codes and local events are free or low cost to attend as well!

Heading back to underground parking in high spirits!

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