Ste Anne’s Spa by Shantel Popo

When Life With A Baby, an organization I have come to rely on since having my daughter 2 years ago, announced they were partnering with Ste. Anne’s Spa as a way for moms to take some time for self-care, I didn’t hesitate to jump in on the opportunity. Spending a night in a cottage and the day in a Spa with girlfriends isn’t something that happens every day so when the offer comes up…you take it!


I remember the morning of our mini trip, calling my girlfriend who is a seasoned Spa baby and asking “what should I pack to wear for dinner?”. She replied almost as if I had made a joke “we will be in our robes all day”. Well, that just made everything that much easier. I have grown accustomed to packing light after traveling around Thailand and an intense 8 city Spain/Portugal trip in 16 days so after hearing the robe comment, my packing for an overnight stay included a bathing suit, toiletries, pajamas and clean underwear.

Having breakfast, lunch, and dinner while in my robe was definitely a new experience for me and although it felt quite awkward at first, it quickly became comfortable and well, enjoyable! This is the Ste. Anne’s Spa way, a relaxing, energizing and therapeutic experience, something I think I was born to enjoy time and time again.

Things to know:
– The food is Amazing! I didn’t have much expectations as I assumed their focus would be on the Spa experience but I was pleasantly surprised at not only how tasteful everything I had was but at their selection and options. Their menu offered choices for vegetarians, vegans, and even gluten free items.
– You can bring your own wine to lunch and dinner!
– Ste. Anne’s Spa provides you with a soft, luxurious robe and slippers if you forget yours (I did, along with a hair tie…so much for being a great packer ) Oh and they provide you with lockers that have built-in locks to store all of your items while you enjoy their facilities
Things to do:
– Relax, Unwind, Enjoy, leave your troubles at the door. This place is too beautiful, too picturesque and too well run to not take full advantage and relish in the tranquility of it all.
– Try one of their wellness classes.  I tried the one-hour intermediate Yoga and it was a fun experience with both beginners and seasoned Yogi’s all enjoying the same class.
-Spend the night! We stayed in one of their “cottages” called the Villa Casa. I use the quotations because I have never seen a cottage like this. We walked into a beautiful 4+1 bedroom house with a wrap around porch, a hot tub and stunning views of the land Ste. Anne’s Spa owns.
Things not to do:
– Regardless if you’re staying for the day or overnight, pack light! Do not over pack, this is not a girls Sex-in-the-city trip to NYC.

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