How to Save Money and Avoid (most of) the Lines at WinterFest

I’ve written about how much I enjoyed WinterFest at Canada’s Wonderland, but it can be an expensive night out if you’re not already Canada’s Wonderland Gold or Platinum pass holder (Admission is included for Gold and Platinum 2020 pass holders).  If you buy your admission online you will save some money and if you have a friend who has a Gold or Platinum pass they can buy discounted passes for you as well. Once you’re in the gate there are some easy ways to save money at Winterfest.

  1. FunPix  – Pictures with Santa are one of the expenses that it can be hard to avoid. If you have a FunPix pass loaded onto your 2020 Season’s Pass, you can get all your Santa Photos uploaded onto the app if you make a purchase of any of the photo options.  You can purchase your FunPix ahead of time.

  2. Bring your own Tea – You can’t bring in outside food, but you can bring in hot water in an insulated bottle and a tea bag or small pouch of hot chocolate and voila- you have a hot drink without waiting in line for 30-45 minutes. 

  3. Eat before you go – Even if you have a meal plan. The lines are long for food so it’s best to go after you’ve eaten. If you really need to eat there, divide and conquer and have one adult wait in line for food while the other does an activity with the kids. If you have a baby or toddler, you can bring in their food, milk, or anything else they need.  Try to avoid waiting in lines with little ones where your can and some of the longest lines are for food and drink. 

  4. Plan your visit – Download the map and check the online guide to attractions so that you can figure out a plan of attack. If you want to skate but don’t want to pay to pre-register online, you’ll need to be there right at opening. Once you decide on your top activities, look at the map and try to figure out the best way to get to see all of them. If you’ve got a Gold or Platinum pass and are planning on going more than once, you can split stuff into different days, and stay for shorter periods. If you’re only going once though, you’ll want to get there close to opening so that you can see and do everything you want. Rides will have some lineups but they also clear pretty fast. 

  5. Go to the shows – The shows aren’t as crowded and some of them are inside so you can warm up while watching the shows. None of them are so long that kids won’t sit through them, and it’s a good way to have a seat and take a mini break during your stay. 

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