Happiness is matching family fashion

Over the years we’ve done matching pyjamas for the kids and I always wanted to do matching ones for all four of us for the holidays but just couldn’t get it together in time. I’d look at the pictures of my friends with their families all in matching pyjamas in front of the Christmas tree and say that next year would be different.  This year I was actually on the ball and planned well enough in advance. I found extremely reasonable and cute ones from Giant Tiger! Kids pjs were $12 and adults were only $19. You just cannot beat the price. They were delivered to us in just a few days after we ordered. They were sold out of hubby’s size online but luckily we were within 30 minutes of a store and found it in store. I love that the selection online and in store often matches up so you have two chances to find what you’re looking for. 

Giant Tiger is Canada’s Cozy Christmas store.  You’ll find lots of comfy items for your family from matching christmas sweaters, dresses, shirts and pajamas. If you haven’t been in a Giant Tiger recently you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality and selection of clothes available for every member of your family. 

Aside from the price they are extremely cute and very comfortable and my favourite thing about them was that I even though they were similar they weren’t all the same. The sayings on the kids are different from the adult ones. As much as I’m a fan of a family themed clothing, having everyone match completely is a bit too far. 

Why does having matching family pjs make everyone so happy? I don’t know but I completely underestimated just how happy the kids AND hubby are about our matching fashion. We wore them for our family movie night. We took them with us on vacation and we’ll be wearing them to bed on Christmas Eve. I know a lot of families have traditions of giving the kids new pyjamas on Christmas Eve, but I’d bet that very few of them think about getting the whole family a matching set of cozy pjs that will look perfect in all of your family photos.

If you are looking for matching family fashion that is also friendly on the budget check out the selection at Giant Tiger both in store and online. 

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