Tips: Arriving home after travelling during COVID-19

We left for a vacation for ten days. When we left, the risk of everything was low, five days in everything changed, and COVID-19 was designated a pandemic.    The areas we visited in Switzerland didn’t have any confirmed cases when we were there or at the time of leaving but we went through two very busy airports.

To avoid bringing anything in the house with us when we arrived home, we did the following.

  1. Entered our home through the garage, take off all our clothes.
  2. Wash our hands in the laundry room sink
  3. Take a shower right away without touching anything else 
  4. After showering, say hello to the kids from 2 feet away. This is the hardest but no kissing or touching faces. 
  5. Use gloves and wash all items from the trip. Use disinfecting wipes to disinfect door handles and anything that was touched. Wiped down suitcases, phones and anything else that will be used. leave all unnecessary items in the garage.

Since we are not showing any symptoms and we don’t know if we will we are following the 14 days self-isolation guide. We are also keeping as much distance between each other as possible withing the home. I used the sanitize option on the dryer for all pillows and cushions. We are not using the same bathroom as the kids and when I cook I wash my hands constantly in between touching items.

Do you have any other tips?

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