Monster Jam

Monster Jam is one of those activities we booked for ourselves while saying we booked it for the kids.

If you are going with kids, there are some things to consider ahead of time to both improve their enjoyment and reduce your stress.

They will want a monster truck after and will ask for one – you can go to any department store and get one at a significantly lower price than what it will be sold for at the venue. Keep it in your bag until the kids ask or take them with you to pick their favourite that they can bring with them. I opted to surprise my kids with it.

Snacks are expensive, and there’s no way to get around it. You are looking at about $15 for cotton candy and popcorn. My children had food sensitivities, so I had to bring water and some snacks for them. At the time of my visit in 2016, I was able to do this.

It’s loud, and you’ll want to have ear protection for the whole family, especially for the kids. I asked what tips other attendees would give to someone going for the first time, and 95% of parents said ear protection. Most recommend getting good quality ear protection and those range from $25-$80 depending on where you look, but it is highly recommended that you get something. If you forget, you can get one at the venue, but it will likely be more expensive, and you can also get earplugs sometimes for free from customer service.

Go to the pit party, this made the kids’ day, and it’s what they talked about the most. They were so excited to walk on the floor and meet the trucks and drivers.

Life With A Baby is giving away 4 level 100 tickets to the Spring show in Hamilton. Life With A Baby also has a discount on tickets.

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12 thoughts on “Monster Jam

  1. I took my oldest when he was small we’ve been gravedigger fans ever since would love to take my younger boys they would absolutely love it


  2. We love Monster Jam!
    I’ve been taking my son since he was 3 years old and he absolutely loves it.
    We have a giant collection of Monster Jam Hot Wheels and have had Monster Jam themed birthday parties 😁
    We are happy to have the chance to see them again finally! 😁


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