Thrills With Kids at Blue Mountain Resort In Summer

We were lucky to be invited to Blue Mountain Resort for a preview of summer at Blue. As you can probably imagine we had an absolutely glorious time! Whether you go for the thrills or for the chance to relax, this place has got you covered.

My kids are 8 and 4; at 4 years apart, there are activities that the older one will want to do that the younger one can’t do. And there may be some activities that the younger one wants to do that the older one doesn’t want to do. In our case, there weren’t any activities that our 8-year old didn’t want to do but there were certain activities that the 4-year-old couldn’t do because of the age limitations. The good news is, it is a great opportunity to have some quality time one on one for an hour or two with each child separately.

There are so many activities to do at Blue Mountain Resort, all you have to do is a bit of research on their website and pick the ones you think best suits your family. There really is something for every type of traveler. We are thrill seekers, but this mama is a bit on the anxious side. I’ve been to Blue Mountain Resort 5 times, only two of them were sponsored, and I am beyond impressed with how much emphasis they put on safety.

When we were getting ready for cycling there was a family with young kids who were going mountain biking at their bike park. What I learned is that if you are under 18 in order to go downhill biking at Blue, you must first be in full body protective gear (which they have for rent). Secondly, you must pass a cycling test before you can go on the downhill trails.

Another example of this was when Katelyn wanted to go on the woodlot ropes and we didn’t have the proper shoes, they did not let her on. No exceptions were made which made this Mama very, very happy. It also made me feel much more comfortable going on the Ridge Runner with my four year old. Because I know they take safety so seriously, I was able to relax and just enjoy all the thrills at Blue. Here are some the thrills we participated in:

Cross Country Cycling at the top of Blue Mountain with daddy:

This was the 8-year-old’s favourite activity, she especially liked this activity because it was just her and her dad and they got a chance to do something a bit wild together. She was really proud of the fact that she tried something new and that she was able to manage a dirt road with a bit of incline. This was her first time on a cross country trail and it filled up her excitement bucket.

Hubby liked it because it was a good introduction to mountain biking and a nice transition before trying the downhill trails. The route was very scenic with different points along the way. From the top you can see spectacular views of Collingwood, Georgian Bay, and the resort.

What to expect: Your little one must be a good at cycling. You can bring your own gear or rent a bike and helmet for $29 for one hour. Go to the activity centre to find out how you can join a tour. Since it was Katelyn’s first time on a cross country trail, we opted to do the one-hour scenic tour with a guide. The actual cycling time is about 30 minutes.

Turn this activity into something for the whole family!

Our 4 year old very badly wanted to go with daddy, but he is not yet skilled enough to go on this trail. We biked at the base of the mountain on the trails where he could use his training wheels and then took Gondola up the top. We explored the trails, enjoyed the fresh breeze and met up with Katelyn and daddy after their tour was over. While at the top the four of us enjoyed a nice picnic. This is a great way to make it into something for the whole family without anyone feeling left out but also having a bit of one-on-one time with each child. I asked a friend of mine who goes to Blue Mountain every summer and she gave me the tip about the picnic. It truly is a wonderful way to spend a few hours. And it fills the nostalgia bucket for years to come.

Adrenaline pumping Ridge Runner :

This will prove to you that your kids are braver than you think, and also it is entertaining for them to hear you scream. For this activity we paired up again, I went with the 4-year old because I thought he would want to go slower, but alas he was screaming “faster, mommy, faster”! Don’t try to take pictures of yourself going down the ride, just enjoy the ride. You won’t forget your first time on the Ridge Runner.

Katelyn wanted to go again right away, but my legs were still shaking so she tried to get Daddy to go with her instead. This was a great activity that we were all able to participate in.

Woodlot Ropes:
This is a really fun low ropecourse for your little thrill seekers. Your child must be 6 years old to participate in this and make sure you are wearing shoes that are closed at the front and back. It’s challenging but not too difficult for an active eight-year-old. If you find this one too easy, you can also check out the Timber Challenge High Ropes.

Even thrill seekers need a bit of relaxation so after each activity, we would head to the pool area which is just perfect for families with young kids. We stayed at the Luxurious Westin Trillium House. It felt like we were at a 5-star resort in the Caribbean but it was even better because it was just an hour and a half from home

The pools in Blue Mountain resort are only 4 feet deep. This is perfect for the little ones and if you are not a great swimmer yourself you don’t have to worry because most adults will be able to stand in the pool. If you want a bit of both, head over to Plunge where you can have your little one in a life jacket in the main pool and your big one can try diving or jump from the rope into the deep pool. In order to go into the deep pool at Plunge! everyone must do a swim test as this pool is 10 feet deep. Lifeguards are on duty at Plunge! But not at the other pools on the property.


Need a bit of a break?   Located on the main floor of The Westin, the Kids Club is a great place to let the kids explore. There is a wall for building blocks, toys, books, and comfy seating for the adults to relax while the kids do their own things for a little. My kids spent 30 minutes in the Kids club building blocks and playing together while I read a book. Why not just go to the room? I don’t know about you, but I find my kids are so much better together when they are outside, and also this was another 30 minutes where they weren’t sitting in the room watching TV.

This is just a preview of a few of the things we did over the three days at Blue Mountain Resort. There is so much more that we didn’t do on this trip but will be exploring next time. On our list of must try are Ziplining, High ropes, and rock climbing.

We like the thrills but we are also big fans of relaxing so we did a bit of both, which I think is the best way to really experience Blue Mountain Resort.


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