Fern Resort : Some Time For Me,Too

Finding relaxation while travelling with 3 kids can be impossible. Usually, travel involves the same daily routines as home life just in a new location. When I book a vacation, additions like meals included and housekeeping service are not high on my list because these luxuries can also mark up the price. I gravitate to… Continue reading Fern Resort : Some Time For Me,Too


Porter Airlines : What to expect on short trips.

For a long time, I felt like Vaughan was the city that transportation planners forgot. There was limited transit within the city itself but if you wanted to connect, you would end up taking three times as long because none of the schedules meshed. And then this past Christmas everything changed and we got transit… Continue reading Porter Airlines : What to expect on short trips.


Blue Mountain Resort In Summer : For The Memory Books

Maybe your kids are younger and you don’t want a long drive with them, or maybe you just want to have a nice relaxing vacation close to home. Well, this blog post will share some tips on how to chill, relax and make new memories at Blue Mountain Resort near Collingwood, Ontario, that will fill up the nostalgia bucket for years to come.