Winter at Mont-Tremblant with kids

We took a multigenerational trip with my in-laws and the kids to Mont-Tremblant last winter. It was by far one of the best ski experiences I’ve ever had. I’m not a very good skier, the kids are really novice level, and my husband used to do ski patrol so it was a  varied skill-level group for this trip.

Before we left, I knew I wanted to do lessons once we were there to get back to where I used to be 10 years ago before I had kids.  The kids needed lessons as well but we are all at different levels. With only fours days at Mont-Tremblant , we needed to maximize our time. I was really happy that Mont-Tremblant offers a full day camp for the kids complete with lunch and snacks.  It made the whole experience more fun when I could focus on my lessons and even do a few runs with hubby while the kids were occupied.  Both the kids have decided they want to learn to snowboard and at the end of two days of lessons they were hooked.

I must say that the instructors at Tremblant are phenomenal! It was -21 degrees celcius on the day of the lessons and I was prepared for the 5-year-old to ask me to get him and go inside when he saw me on the hill, but nope! I even went over to ask him if he wanted a break and he said he wanted to stay.  The instructor he had was very patient, helped him get better, and knew the balance between instruction and fun to keep him engaged for the entire day.


After a morning of lessons, it was time to head up to one of the green hills and that’s when I fell in love with the Nansen run. As a beginner, it can feel intimating to do a run like Nansen, but it was the best thing I did because I was able to really master the turns and movement I needed to work on in order to get better.  On the other hills, after just a few turns you are at the bottom so you don’t get a chance to improve as quickly.  I told myself that even though the run is 6 km long, it’s the level that matters – and I’m glad I did it.


Hubby could have spent his entire four days on the slopes with only brief stops for meals and sleep if they had let him, but unfortunately there is no night skiing at Tremblant so that was not an option. Luckily though, there are tons of other things to do, and many of them are free.   A fave of ours was ice skating and it was great that if you are staying in the village you get a ticket for free skate rentals.


One thing that is not free but that I definitely recommend is taking the kids to the Aquaclub La Source for a break from the cold.  Both the kids had a great time swimming in the heated pools.  The 5-year-old was in heaven! I like to say this is how he does “après-ski”.


One of the great things about intergenerational trips is having someone to watch the kids so we could get a little break.  I was very happy to take a few hours to myself and enjoy the beauty and relaxation of Scandinave Spa.


Our family of varying ages and abilities all had a wonderful time exploring Mont-Tremblant.  Whether you are an avid skier or a novice, there really is something here for everyone.


Some experiences were provided by the Mont-Tremblant but all opinions are my own

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