Cardinal Golf Club : Review

We spent the afternoon last Friday at Cardinal Redcrest which is billed as the Premiere course on the Cardinal property and it certainly lived up to its billing. Arriving from the entrance at 17700 Keele Street (just north of Highway 9) we quickly made our way to the registration desk to avoid missing our 12:00 tee time. It wasn’t long before we were struck by the awesome vistas and breath-taking views offered by the course. The property was stunning to behold and we were anxious to discover if we were equal to the task of taming the course (spoiler alert, we were not).

It may have been thanks (or no thanks) to the wind but we soon learned that on this course, less is more. Having lost a few balls to the water features that adorns the course and borders the fairway at 1, 2, 6, 10, 11, 13, 14, 16 it doubled as a receptacle for faded balls. It became apparent that accuracy on that day was more important than distance off the tee so we traded in the drive for the more reliable 3 wood and in some cases 5 iron for the most part (I’ve gotta work on that hook with the driver).

A member of our foursome recommended the Cardinal Golf Club APP which came in handy especially on the 10th hole where we used the virtual caddy to help map out the plan of attack to successfully (err, respectably) complete the 10th hole, which was probably the most challenging one in terms of the degree of difficulty. Pretty nifty tool which uses GPS technology for gauging the distance to the hole from the tee/fairway and identifying optimal ways to manage the course.

We were anxious to get back out on the links after the COVID-19 lockdown caused the delayed opening to the season. The club observed extensive social distancing protocols designed with golfer and staff safety in mind without limiting the enjoyment of the day. My partner and I each had our own golf cart for individual use which were wiped down and sanitized. Pull carts were also available for those who preferred to walk the course. On course washroom facilities were open so was the halfway hut and the driving range. Need a snack or a beverage? The beverage cart came around regularly. Some of the services with limited or no availability due to COVID-19 was the pro-shop (Curbside Pickup Only), Bistro/Grill not available although food can be had from the beverage cart that has a variety of sandwiches and wraps to keep you going. The driving range is open; however the putting green and short game is on hold for the time being…not enough to dampen the enjoyment of the round.

An overall fantastic day filled with its share of successes, frustrations and camaraderie with whom to share it. Not successful enough to turn pro, but not frustrating enough to pack it all in. Yes, fellow golfers know that this is an ongoing battle but for now (for me at least) is one worth having. For the course itself, enjoyable and I would highly recommend it as it has what it takes to challenge golfers of all skill levels. Hey, if you are going to do it…do it in beautiful surroundings.

Written by Roger Grubb
Roger Grubb, AMP is a Husband, Father of four amazing children, Mortgage & Real Estate Broker, Serial Entrepreneur, Golf & Travel Enthusiast and Writer.  He has been a guest writer for numerous publications and blogs. 

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