Ste. Anne’s Spa

I’m sure you’ve heard of Ste. Anne’s Spa, and if you haven’t, picture heaven on earth. My first visit was in winter for a team-building event where I immediately fell in love. A few years ago, I went with friends where we rented out a spa cottage for all of us. Recently I went to celebrate my birthday! Because of the two-night weekend minimum, I usually go for a day spa or mid-week because it is expensive. When going for an overnight visit, I try to maximize our time there by booking my spa treatment early in the day on the first day and then staying until after lunch on the day of departure.

These are the top 10 reasons to go to Ste. Anne’s Spa

The food:
As someone who has some food sensitivities, I cannot begin to tell you how absolutely stress-free it is to eat, knowing that the food will be incredibly delicious and nurturing without worrying about feeling sick after. The menu is easy to follow, listing the various items that are gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, and so on. I love the high tea and trying out all the delicious gluten-free, dairy-free treats. On the left is the one I had with coconut whipped cream, and on the right is the regular version.

The calming essence:
You are immediately in a bubble of relaxation and calm from the moment you enter. I like that they require noise to be at a minimum so you can feel this sense of calm throughout the visit. Whether you are there for a day spa or overnight, you get a bag with a robe and slippers when you arrive, followed by an orientation, so you know where everything is. I like that we can go to all meals in our robe, which is essentially the adult version of PJs, all day and who doesn’t love that.

The hiking trails:
Winter, summer, spring or fall, I love the hiking trails and the serenity of leisurely strolling through the woods. The trails are all very well marked and mostly flat; I highly recommend taking one that leads to the farm.

The Waters:
There are many places with hot/cold water programs, but there’s only one Ste. Anne’s Spa. From the Eucalyptus steam room to the grotto to the new hydrotherapy pools. This you have to see for yourself.

The grounds:
The grounds are stunning, and the new additions all have the same look and feel that gives the grounds that unified and zen feel. Wherever you look, it is pleasing to the eyes. The patio is gorgeous and makes you feel like you are in your own little world. The gardens are great for strolling around or finding a quiet place to unwind.

The pool:
The large spring water pool is heated, making it quite the treat for those who like to do laps and ensures lots of seating area for those who want to sit and enjoy a book or just soak up the sunshine.

The Wellness classes:
There are so many options for wellness classes; I was surprised by the various options. I love love love the hot stone restoration yoga classes at the end of the day. It just further relaxes my mind and body and calms my mind.

The Farm:
Whether you are going to do one of the grooming time wellness activities where you get to get up close with one of the horses, or a guided tour of the farm, or just walking over on your own and saying hi to the horses, you’ll want to make your way to the farm.

The Bakery:
After trying all the delicious goodies, I could not resist stopping at the bakery on my way home and treating myself to their gluten-free almond milk bread and two tubs of Blueberry lavender ice cream.

The Spa:
This one is obvious; of course, the spa treatments here are excellent, and that’s why the day spas book up so quickly; even after the expansion, they found a way to keep the same cozy feel as if you are there just with your group or your loved ones to celebrate just your special occasion. I slept incredibly well here, so well that I looked at the tag on the pillow to try and order it online.

The many gazeboes & hammocks:
Joy is sitting in one of the little hammocks inside a little gazebo, looking up at the trees and sky with a good book or the one you love.

Ste. Anne’s spa has a special magic to it, making it a great spot to renew and recharge with friends or that special someone.

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