Nomi Wellness Escape

I love being in nature and find it one of the quickest mood boosters. So when I heard about Nomi resort, I was very curious to learn what this resort community at the base of Algonguin Park offers in the way of wellness, and I was not dissapointed.

I recently Nomi resort with a group to learn more about their expansion project to include condos and a wellness centre that will offer a salt float treatment room, infinity pool, yoga and fitness centre, among other things.

While we look to the future, I was happy to see that currently, three of my favourite things are available; nature, good food, and relaxation. It’s often hard to find a place where you can experience all three in excellence, and that’s what I loved about Nomi resort. In partnership with the community around them, they will curate a package that is just right for you, from kayaking with Deep Roots Adventure, to the on-site spa, to fine dining at Lands 8Fifty.

Nature lovers rejoice! With direct access to trails right from the property, including a guided edible flowers hike, canoeing through Algonquin Park, or using the paddleboard and other boats on the resort’s private beach, there are many opportunities to experience the best of the Haliburton Highlands and the nature that surrounds the resort.

In addition to exploring nature, I would say the spa is what will entice me to drive back to return to this property. After returning home, I loved the feel of my skin, and it got even better after a few days. I chose the body exfoliation and wrap for one of my treatments, and I liked that I didn’t have to get up and shower in the middle of it. The exfoliation is done through a peel with enzymes, and then cream is massaged into the skin. After applying the cream, you are wrapped in warmth so it can all soak in. So good!

In addition to the treatments, I loved the actual space. The soft, gentle music playing throughout was very soothing to me. I liked the aromatherapy scents throughout and the little tea rituals. I loved the large open spaces and all the light that came in.

As a first-timer to NOMI resort, I will say that the food is divine; even the salads had something unique. I spoke with a team from the kitchen who said they try to use all local ingredients and work with local shops to get their ingredients. So, you get an authentic taste of food in the Haliburton Highlands. Lands 8Fifty is a popular spot, and even if you don’t stay at the resort, you can book a table based on availability.

A few friends asked me if I’ll go back with the kids, and I might – but first, I’d like to go back with my partner and have a couples getaway. With the serenity of the place, the spa, and fine dining, to me, this is the perfect little getaway for couples, friends, or even a retreat. When the condos are ready and there’s more space for the whole family, I think it will be an excellent spot for families. But, for now, to me, it’s the perfect little getaway to recharge and reconnect with nature and each other.

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