Fall in Love with Fall in York Durham Headwaters

Fall. I know, summer is coming to an end, the days are getting darker sooner, it’s not as warm and it might feel a bit blah. OR!!! It’s the most gorgeous time of the year. The colours are bright and glorious, you can layer up and feel internal warmth with all the abundance of joy that fall can provide with a few tried and true things.

Here are some of the activities that are fun for the whole family.


Whether you want to go have a couples day, send your partner off to recharge for the day or make it a family activity, golfing is a great way to enjoy the fall colours while social distancing. We reviewed Cardinal Redcrest over the summer and think this course will be just stunning in the fall. A lot of golf clubs are members only but there are some great options that are available to the public in York Durham Headwaters.


Whether on foot or on wheels, getting outdoors as a family is amazing for mental health. One of the easiest ways to boost your mood is 30 mins of moderate exercise. Getting outdoors feels like therapy for any bad mood that I’m in and one of my favourite things to do in fall is just walk through a forest and take in all the beautiful colours. At Life With A Baby we even host mood walks. There is an abundance of hiking and biking trails in York Durham Headwaters. Whether on your own or with the family, I highly recommend getting out and enjoying nature this fall.

Apple Picking:

Have you been apple picking before? If yes, you know it’s guaranteed family fun! Kids love picking and eating fresh apples. The lovely smell of apples and the beauty of the reds against green leaves is so striking. This is one of my favourite places to pull out my phone and take a family photo because I can always get the kids to smile perfectly when apple picking. And then the best part; baking the applies into pies and pastries. I feel warm just thinking about it. Here is a round up of all the places to go apple picking in York Durham Headwaters.


Honestly, I am not the biggest fan of fishing but my 9 year old and his grandfather are fishing buddies. They love it and hubby is getting into it too! There are always so many stories when the three boys go off to fishing and that’s why I’m adding this one too. I also love it for the social distancing aspect because it’s something you can do with just your small circle either by doing a tour or going out on your own. If you are looking for fishing ideas in York Durham Headwaters, you can find a round up here.

Taking it easy:

Maybe you have a new baby or you have limitations where a lot of physical activities aren’t possible or maybe you just want to have a nice slow day from the warmth and comfort of your car. There are some great drive-through options for you and your family to explore this fall at the Pickering Museum.

I hope these ideas will help you fall in love with fall and help you to create new memories with your family.

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