Learn to Ski & Snowboard for just $25!

Skiing is fun once you learn but it can be an expensive sport to try out. I am 100% behind lessons. Sometimes I see people flying or tumbling down the hill and I’m always truly baffled as to why an adult would just go at it on their own their very first time on skis. I think lessons are absolutely necessary to avoid injury.   It can be expensive to try out skiing for the first time and I think that’s why some people opt not to do lessons but I’m super happy to see the Never Ever Days program through the Canadian Ski Council.

This is a national program for the absolute beginner who has Never Ever tried skiing or snowboarding. It is for anyone over the age of 6 years old who has considered these sports but not quite yet taken the leap to strap into a board or onto skis. The program provides you with everything you need to learn: equipment rental, beginner lift ticket, and a minimum one-hour lesson – all for just $25 plus HST.

On Sunday, January 26th over 50 ski hills across Canada will come together for a special Never Ever Day, offering Canadians the chance to try the sport together in what is being called Canada’s Largest Lesson

On this day, the included ski hills will bring skiing and snowboarding to as many newbies as possible. Simply choose from the list of participating ski areas, fill out your form, and voila …. you’re all set to experience your very first day on the slopes! For a detailed list of participating ski areas and additional dates for their Never Ever Days lessons, please click here: www.nevereverdays.com

How do you sign up for Never Ever Day?

Please visit www.nevereverdays.com where you can learn more about Never Ever Days, book and purchase your Never Ever Days lesson. Never Ever Days will sell out quickly so sign up today and avoid disappointment!

Here are your steps to navigate the Never Ever Days site and find a spot quickly.

Step 1. Register your profile https://nevereverdays.ca/ned/customer/account/login/

Step 2. Search availability from the home page. Click on “See Availabilty”

Next enter your choose your resort from the drop down list and put in the # of skiers or snowboarders

You should see a list like this

Once you’ve entered your information IF there are spots available you will see a list like this

If there are not spots available. You will see this

There are new spots being added on a regular basis during the ski season so check back, and check multiple locations that are near you. NOTE that if you are in Ontario and Blue Mountain resort is offering unlimited spots but it starts at age 13 and it’s walk up only. There are some resorts that are walk up only and you can see those at https://www.skicanada.org/never-ever-days/

Good luck and Cheers to learning a new sport! I hope this helps you to enjoy our Canadian winters a bit more.

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